1. How do I create a List?

    On the right side of the screen, “Today” is the uppermost section. Enter your list name in the box that says “Add a New List” and hit return. Then, start adding your activities to that list.

  2. How do I add Tasks to a List?

    Once you have created a List, on the left side of the screen you will see a box which says “Add an Item”. Simply add the name of the Task you’d like to enter and hit Return.

  3. How do I delete a List?

    To delete a List, find the List name on the right side of the screen (under Today or Future), and put your mouse to the left of the name, click on the “X” that you will see. You will be asked if you’d really like to delete the list, click “Yes” and your List is deleted.

  4. How do I delete a Task?

    Click on the “i” icon to the left of the checkbox. You will be given the choice to add text and SAVE, or Delete

  5. I want my list to appear every day anew. How do I make it repeat?

    Once you create a list, to the right of the list you will see several icons. Click on the circular, looping icon and your repeat options will appear for that list.

  6. How do I set up an Task to repeat?

    Currently you may set up Lists to repeat, not Tasks. Don’t worry. This is on our roadmap!

    If you need a specific action to repeat, make it its own list.

  7. How do I change my Password?

    In the upper right corner click on the “Picture” icon, you will see My Settings. Click on that and you can change here.

  8. Can I see Lists that I have already completed?

    Yes, click on the History tab from the menu at the top of the site.

  9. Can I edit a List name?

    Yes, click on the list name you would like to edit (on the right side of screen), when the list becomes active (on the left side of screen) click on the list name and make edits. Hit return to save your edits.

  10. Can I edit a Task name?

    Yes, click on the Task name and edit. Hit return to save.

  11. Can I reorder Tasks in a List?

    Yes, click and drag an item on a list to the place you would like it to be.

  12. What does the % Complete number mean?

    This is the number of Tasks that you have completed today divided by the number of Tasks you planned on completing today.

  13. What does the Tasks Complete number mean?

    This is simply the number of Tasks you have completed today over the number of possible Tasks that may be completed today. If you complete a Task from a future list (nice job), you will see that you have one more Task completed, as well as one more Task possible for that day (so your display goes up by 1 on the top and bottom).

  14. How do I uncheck a Task?

    On the List where the Task was checked, make sure that Show Completed is selected. You will see a list of all the items from that List that have been checked off. Simply click the checkmark to remove it, and the Task will move back up to your active List.

  15. I accidentally completed a List, how do I find it?

    Under your Today section on the right side of the screen, you will see a subsection titled: Completed Today. Expand that list, select the List you want, make sure Show Completed is selected (you’ll know because you can see all the list items checked off) and then select the items you’d like to uncheck.

  16. How do I schedule a List to occur in the future?

    Once you’ve set up the List, and it is active on your screen - to the left of the list name you will see a calendar icon. Click on that and select the date that this list is due.

  17. How can I share Lists with other people?

    Great question! You can’t yet, but soon you will be able to. More on that shortly.

  18. Why use

    The simple reason is that your brain simply cannot remember all of the things you want/need to get done in an average day. It is difficult to master the simple, daily activities in life, let alone the big, new things you’d like to take on. helps in three ways. First, we give you a way to organize your intentions and to receive feedback on your achievement of them. The little things we do each day are the foundation for doing the bigger things - we want to help you recognize, appreciate, and remember all the things you do each day.

    Second, we want to make your daily life more fun and efficient by involving others. Maybe it’s a spouse, a friend, a teammate, co-worker or child - share what you’d like, let others help you or simply check in on your progress.

    Third, we allow you to leverage the expertise of people in virtually any field. You really don’t need to figure out most things - get a checklist on what to do, and do it.....for most activities it’s as simple as that. If you want more detail, great - but for the vast majority of things we want to achieve in our life, we just need to know the steps.

  19. Can I skip a Task but not delete it?

    To skip a task, but not permanently delete it from your list, simply click on the skip icon to the left of the checkbox. You may then skip the task.

  20. How is skipping a Task different from deleting it?

    When you skip a task, it remains with the list for future reference, particularly important for recurring list, but also important for future review of your lists. When you skip a task, it makes it impossible for you to complete 100% of your tasks for the day (your % complete will only go to 99%) but the list will not show up in your active section for "Today" and will be moved to "Completed Today". When you delete a task completely, it allows you to still get 100% for the day potentially.